A statement piece for your wardrobe!

by Marjon Snieders
2 May 2023

A statement piece for your wardrobe: Colored Heeled Sandals

Brightly colored clothing not your thing? Then colored heeled sandals are the perfect way to make your outfit shine during the summer months. Why opt for standard black or brown when you can also go for an eye-catching blue, green or yellow sandal! A colored sandal can boost your outfit and make you stand out on a summer day. Sandals are airy and comfortable, but at the same time stylish and feminine. If you go for a sandal with a heel underneath, you will give your outfit that extra bit of glamour and chic.

When wearing colored heeled sandals, it is important to pay attention to the combination with the rest of your outfit. If you choose a sandal with a bright color, such as red or orange, it is best to keep the rest of your outfit quiet. For example, pair your sandals with a simple white dress or basic jeans and a white t-shirt. This way, your sandals will get all the attention they deserve.

If you choose a sandal with a more subtle color, such as pastels or earth tones, you can play a bit more with the colors in your outfit. For example, consider a light blue sandal under a mint green dress or a pink sandal under yellow pants. By experimenting with color, you can create the most beautiful combinations.



Red is a great color to make a statement and heeled sandals in this color will definitely attract attention. Pair them with a neutral outfit such as white pants and a black top so that the sandals really stand out.



Blue is a versatile color and goes with almost any color combination. It is a great color to wear during the summer months and is sure to attract attention.



Another great color to wear is green. Green is a beautiful, natural color and looks great with both casual and formal outfits. It is also a color that is not worn very often, so if you are looking for something different, green sandals with heels are a great choice.



Pink sandals with heel are the for summer. The cheerful color creates a fresh and playful look. Whether you're going to a party or just out for a day of shopping, these sandals will suit any occasion.



Orange is a striking and bright color that immediately attracts attention. Wear your orange sandals with heel to add a colorful and vibrant look to your (basic) summer outfit.




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