The essence of Sage and Ivy

by Marjon Snieders
23 May 2024

Sage and Ivy: Celebrating Femininity with European Craftsmanship and Folklore

Sage and Ivy is a fashion house that celebrates femininity through delicate and bold designs, inspired by a deep love for folklore. Each garment is a tribute to craftsmanship and traditional handiwork, made from precious fabrics from all over Europe. With production entirely in the Netherlands and ateliers spread across Europe, Sage and Ivy embodies the essence of European fashion.


Founder Alexia van der Leegte-van Engelen grew up with a fascination for the fashion world, inspired by her mother who worked as fashion PR for Laura Ashley. These childhood memories form the basis of her current creations, reflecting the edgy beauty she has always pursued.


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Every idea and sketch from Alexia is carefully transformed into unique garments by small workshops and ateliers. These places are true treasure troves where fashion is still an expression of imagination and art. Each collection tells a fairytale, and each item carries its own soul, providing unmatched uniqueness.


At Sage and Ivy, sustainability is of utmost importance. The brand believes in making beautiful clothing with love for humanity and nature. This translates into responsible production, local sourcing, and integrity in all aspects of their business operations. Sage and Ivy strives to build long-term, respectful, and mutually beneficial relationships with their factories and suppliers, adhering to the highest ethical and professional standards.


Shop this Sage & Ivy dress online at Marjon Snieders

“Sage and Ivy captures the essence of femininity and craftsmanship with delicate, bold designs, inspired by a deep love for folklore and traditions.” _ Marjon Snieders


At Marjon Snieders, we offer an extensive selection of items from Sage and Ivy. Discover the romantic Jennifer dress in pink, or choose the multicolor Eva dress with ruffles and an open back detail. The black and white striped cardigan is a timeless addition to any wardrobe, as well as the glossy beige Tilda skirt. For a touch of color, there are the Rosa shorts and blouse in purple, and the green Daisy top and skirt.


Other standout items include the elegant Dana sweaters in black and white, the luxurious Cornflower dresses in green and purple, and the refined Anna dress in pink. For a statement look, there's the pink Kelly coat, perfect to combine with the black and white checkered Evelyn pants and Dodo jacket. Finally, the iconic Sigird sweater adds a touch of luxury to any outfit.


Each of these pieces reflects the dedication, craftsmanship, and style of Sage & Ivy, and offers a unique and enchanting addition to your wardrobe.

Browse a selection of Sage & Ivy, or shop the entire collection via this link.

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