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Boobtape black

Why Marjon loves it

We won't let you down. Use the soft and stretchy Boob Tape to make sure you feel confident while wearing a beautiful outfit. Designed to cover or lift, flatten or enhance, our multipurpose and durable tape stays with you while creating everlasting memories. Try combining the chest tape with the nipple covers for total coverage.

If you want to remove the Boob Tape after a great night out, follow these steps:
1. Saturate - When removing, moisten the back of the tape with warm water or oil. The goal is to saturate the tape enough so that the oil soaks through the adhesive and begins to loosen the bond between the tape and your skin. Allow the tape to soak in for at least 15 minutes.

2. Removal - Slowly begin to pull the tape off piece by piece. Do not tear the tape off all at once. Apply more oil or water to areas that need more loosening.

3. Finishing - Use a cotton pad and oil to remove the remaining adhesive from your skin.

100% high quality cotton + spandex and is sweat and water repellent.
width of 7.5 cm and length of 5 meters
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