by Marjon Snieders
15 April 2022


We regularly come across beautiful and unique items in our search for new brands, trends and looks. But this little gem made our hearts beat a little faster (read on!). We are also very aware of the fact that in 2022 fashion has to be about more than just style and quality. That clothing brands are transparent in their production processes and are actively working on developments towards a more sustainable fashion world are higher and higher on the list of demands of our consumers, and therefore also of us. We have mentioned before that we realise that we ourselves are only just on our way to a more sustainable and transparent collection. During brand research, the subject is therefore also high on our list. We therefore find it important that our questions, and those of our customers, are taken seriously by agencies and brands. And from an initial introductory meeting, we can quickly sense whether we share the same values and requirements. With openness, transparency and honesty, we hope for a personal and sustainable collaboration that will only strengthen the processes between the brand, us as the Marjon Snieders team and our customers.


"The fact that clothing brands are transparent in their production processes and are actively engaged in developments towards a more sustainable fashion world are increasingly higher on our consumers' list of demands"


But it always starts with the vibe of a brand or piece of clothing. Sometimes we see someone walking around in an item that catches our eye and other times our attention is drawn to a brand by one of our stylists or by a customer who has spotted something special!


(re)imagined shirts

"Our (re)edited shirts are made from vintage polo shirts from iconic brands like Ralph Lauren. We find ways to (re)edit the original design by playing with contrasts and silhouettes."



We first became acquainted with the designs of 1/Off Paris on Instagram. The new, out of the box designs immediately appealed to us. The cool logo prints and use of different colours and materials in one design caught our attention. The fact that this, for us, new brand consisted of upcycling fashion items was only revealed at our first meeting in the studio of 1/Off in Amsterdam. What a game changer! So incredibly creative and how special that 1/Off is dedicated to a sustainable high fashion movement. Head of design and founder Renée van Wijngaarden has really set something in motion with her unique vision on fashion. The way she takes care of vintage designer items with an eye for fashion and sustainability and, with honour to the original designers, is able to rework them into a beautiful garment, deserves all our praise and honour. The more we got involved with the brand, the unique vision, and with Renee and her couture team the more enthusiastic we became! We experienced that not only wearing a 1/Off item is an experience in itself, but also holding and examining a garment makes many stories come alive. Every time a 1/Off item reaches our shop, the hearts of our own team start beating faster too. A jacket, blazer or pair of trousers are displayed and admired like a work of art. 'What is this piece originally part of?', 'Hey, I recognise this piece from a Burberry collection' and 'How did they fuse these separate items together into a new garment'. A feast of recognition but at the same time bewilderment because of the high quality and high end fashion looks.


With a second atelier in Paris, 1/Off has achieved world fame in a short period of time and collections are even received in pop-up form in fashion houses like Selfridges. And now also with us in Roermond! So proud of our collaboration! We have been able to visit the ateliers a few times now to buy special pieces and are always surprised by the developments that take place, new designs that are shown and by Renée's personal involvement. This kind of openness and transparency is something we rarely see with brands and only inspires us more to make lasting contacts with current and new brands that we would like to offer in our shop.


"We are constantly surprised by the developments that take place, new designs that are shown and by Renée's personal commitment."


We are 1/Off fans and love to share our enthusiasm with anyone who has been inspired by the beautiful brand story or, just like our own first introduction, by the amazing one-of-a-kind fashion they make! You're more than welcome in our shop in Roermond to come and see it with your own eyes and experience how it feels to wear a 1/Off jacket, jeans or blazer.

Take a look at our online shop and order your favorite item from the comfort of your own home! We are also available daily via our WhatsApp service on + 31 (0)6 83 97 70 45! For questions about the collection, help with online shopping and of course styling advice!


(re)imagined denim

"We (re)design vintage Levi's by deconstructing the iconic piece to create items that are now our own iconic items: the 50/50 jeans and our double-waist jeans. By combining the two, we find ways to transform the tailoring and shape. Each vintage item is selected by our team and carefully (re)made by talented couture makers with our production partners."



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