Here you will find all the information about the care and maintenance of your product in order to enjoy your purchased shoes, bag or accessories for as long as possible.

Shoe care:

Shoes have a lot to endure. Of course, new shoes should remain beautiful for as long as possible. Well-groomed shoes look beautiful for a longer period of time, so they can be worn with pleasure for a longer period of time!

General information:

Shoes are usually made of leather. Leather is a tanned animal skin. Just like our own skin, leather remains the most beautiful when properly cared for. Protection, care (nourishing, coloring and shine) and cleaning are three main issues when it comes to shoe care. Leather can lose its suppleness due to lack of care. Therefore, use the right products regularly. Collonil is a worldwide premium brand in the field of shoe care and is recognized as such. There is the right care product for every material. For protection, nourishment, cleaning and colouring. With care products from Collonil, shoes will continue to look beautiful and well-groomed for a long time!

Care of the zippers:

Take your time to close the zipper without pulling hard. Always pull the zipper all the way up to the top to allow the brake to work properly. Metal zippers can be rubbed with candle wax to make them open and close more smoothly. We can't guarantee any wear and tear on zippers.

Main issues:

1.Protecting New shoes should be protected with a spray before wearing in order to optimally protect the material from dirt and moisture. Spray the shoes evenly from at least 20 cm distance. Do not spray too much (spray lightly regularly).

2. Care (nourish, color and shine) By use, the leather may lose its suppleness and the color may fade. Use care products to keep the leather supple and freshen the color.

3. Cleaning The way of cleaning depends on the type and degree of soiling. The softest way of cleaning is dry cleaning. If the product is very dirty, first brush off the worst dirt. For more stubborn or larger stains, we recommend wet cleaning. If a cleaning agent is used, it is best to first test the effect on the material (because of color fastness). Do this by gently applying a small amount of the agent to an inconspicuous spot. After cleaning, always re-care and protect the leather. For this you can use Collonil Clean & Care Mousse or Cleaning Spray. Tips 1. Shoe and boot tighteners Advise shoe and boot tighteners to keep shoes beautiful. The advantages of using shoe tighteners: - Restores the gait folds. - Keeps the shoes in shape. - Wooden tensioners absorb moisture in the shoes. - Convenience in taking care of the shoes. - A cedarwood shoe tensioner provides a pleasant scent. The advantages of using boot tensioners: - Zippers do not break (the shafts are not double). - Tensioners are not under pressure (the shafts are not double). - Decrease with regular use of the so called 'crumple zones'. - Help ventilate the upper material. 2. Shoehorn Always use a shoehorn when putting on shoes or boots. This makes it easy to get into the shoes/boots and to protect the lining and heel reinforcement. 3. Do not pack injected shoes directly. Wrapping them wet may cause the material to stick and damage the finish.

4. Wet shoes Tell customers never to dry wet shoes by heating. This is often too hot, causing dust to shrink and leather to dry out. 5. Air shoes absorb perspiration. It is therefore advisable to change shoes every two to three days so that they can 'breathe out' and air them regularly.