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by Marjon Snieders
3 March 2022


Recognise this?
Buying the right jeans can sometimes be quite a challenge, but when we can provide you with the right advice, we hope to take these struggles away for you! In order to stay up-to-date on the latest denim fits, fabrics and production developments, we regularly receive behind-the-scenes information from our brands. Which fits are a must-have at the moment; which models can we expect next season; what developments are a factory going through as we speak? Besides the fact that this information is of great value in the sales process, it also helps us to update, improve and expand our denim collection. Our denim range is largely put together by following a few important core values: wearability, fashion and boldness. This means that in addition to a number of great trousers with a high quality fit, we also offer a number of eye-catchers with a perfect, sometimes edgy fit. Fashion, and certainly denim, is something that we can and want to wear every day and at the most diverse moments, but we also like to make a statement! Sustainability is also high on our agenda, you can read more about that further in this blog.



A modern, feminine and vintage silhouette_CoH


The last fire update we received as a team came from Agolde and Citizens of Humanity. We made it an educational evening but also enjoyed (after a long time!) a delicious snacks and drink together. Of course, we're not keeping this denim inspiration to ourselves and are happy to share all our findings with you in this summary blog!

To get to know more about these fashion labels, this video is the perfect introduction to creative directors of Agolde and Citizens of Humanity.


In CoH's factory in Los Angeles, the entire process takes place under one roof: the processing of denim fabrics, tailoring of materials, production of all jeans, quality control and inspection of the entire collection. Inspiration for the latest CoH collection is found in travelling, researching, vintage shopping but also every day events can inspire them in designs that people will be excited about as well as spending time with friends and family. The architect Norman Jaffe from the 80's (Southampton) is also a source of inspiration for the latest collection. The connection between nature, shapes, strong geometrical lines, a palette of neutral colours and materials, a strong control of light and modernist detailing are all characteristics of Jaffe's designs.



80’s power and 90’s minimalism_Agolde


The focus at Agolde is on sustainability from beginning to end. From innovative developments of denim fabrics to the processing and treatment of the jeans, the washing, finish, quality control etc.

At CoH and Agolde they are very aware that the processing of denim, in the traditional way, is very polluting and a major contributor to large-scale environmental pollution. But where other denim brands say they want to work on this in the future (awareness is the beginning!), these two brands are already very far into sustainability of their development process. Laser techniques, which Citizens of Humanity clearly communicates in its brand story, are progressive in the production of jeans. The processing of denim, the various washes, destroyed elements and prints are applied more efficiently through laser technology and replace the old technique of various 'baths' with polluting chemicals.




Now for "the elephant in the room": the price of our denims. The quality of the denim fabrics used is paramount: the density of the fabric, the quality and origin of the fibres and the quantity of synthetic textile fibres (stretch) used in the fabrics determine the price. The production and the associated labour costs (and costs of transport, etc.) are largely determined by the fact that these top brands do everything under one roof. An extra advantage: this way, they are on top of quality controls, production speed, but also humanitarian provisions and labour conditions are excellently organised. On average, each pair of jeans passes through 800 hands of fairly paid and skilled workers. And of course, sustainability and innovative production options are very expensive and often have a long trial-and-error period behind them. But all these points together make a jeans from Citizens and Agolde an honest, beautiful and high quality product.


In our denim collection you will find various models with distinctive fits and interesting details. In order to find a pair of jeans that perfectly matches your needs and figure, we have listed the various models with their corresponding specifications. Click on the description to go to the relevant jeans in our webshop.

Are your eyes still dizzy from all the options, fits and washes? Our styling team is ready to give our online customers honest and appropriate advice every day. Call our customer service on +31(0)475 227060 or use our WhatsApp service and app to +31(0)6 839 770 45.





EMERSON| Boyfriend slim relaxed fit; fits well on a heavier thigh; makes rounded, smaller buttocks.

MARLEE| Girlfriend round fit;
narrower at the bottom; nice to roll up.

OLIVIA| Skinny high rise stretch fit;
small at the leg; with buttons or zip; "true to size"; classic character; soft and thin cloth; gives the most beautiful buttocks.

SKYLA| Slim skinny mid rise fit

CHARLOTTE| High rise straight Slim fit;
basic jeans; firm fabric; large butt pockets.

JOLENE| High rise straight Slim fit;
basic jeans; sturdy canvas; in beautiful colours beige and pink.

EVA| Relaxed zip baggy tapered fit;
can be taken smaller but also larger; waistband fits both fits; wear rolled up.

LILAH| Comfort stretch high rise bootcut Flared fit;
tight to thigh; nice with heel, narrows and enlarges; very feminine cloth; long model; offer size smaller; "second skin".

LIBBY| Nonchalant Vintage fit;
typical California; take larger; small at thigh.

DAPHNE| High Rise cropped fit;
thin airy fabric; roomy at thigh; good model if Charlotte and Jolene are too tight; retro hem; large butt pockets.

ROSANNE & ANNINA| Vintage fit;
wider model; Rosanne has more flare; summer look; loose trousers.

KAYLA shirt | Shirt;
nonchalant design; slits create height difference between front and back; 100% cotton; buttons to roll up sleeves in style.



Marianne McDonald
Creative director CoH




BALLOON soon online| Super high fit; may be worn low; sexy big buttocks; shorter model; fashion(!); rounder on the leg; NO MENS JEANS:)

TAPERED BAGGY JEAN| Baggy low fit;
looks like Balloon but wears low; perfect if Balloon is too short; cheat with high or low; falls big; style rolled up; Top jeans(!)

CRISS CROSS|New straight fit model;
mega nice buttocks; take your own size; also fits if Charlotte CoH is a favourite; Criss Cross design gives room on belly.

90'S JEAN|
1-2 sizes smaller or 1 size up to wear low fit; roomy waist; roomy fit on thigh; super comfy basic jeans; cropped fit.

TONI MID RISE STRAIGHT| Skinny leggings with full stretch.

Same fit as Charlotte Citizens of Humanity; more stretch; take smaller; cropped fit.




Erin Meehan
Design director Agolde





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