“Hi there, let's meet!„

I would like to tell you more about me personally, my background and why I started my own business.

By the way, my own name is not Snieders, but Van Deijl, until I married my high school sweetheart Ralph Snieders in 1999. Since I can't do this without him, the business is called Marjon Snieders (by the way, this was his idea how sweet).

I grew up in Bergeijk (NL) , above my parents' flower shop. When I was 18, my mother started a shoe shop. I was always a creative child and was completely involved in my mother's new business. I always went along on buying for both businesses and that is where the seed was planted. My big dream was to start my own business in fashion.

After my studies in Arnhem at the HEAO, a graduation project at Esprit and an internship at the purchasing department of INNO, I knew for sure that I wanted to continue in fashion. I then started as a trainee at Peek & Cloppenburg. Here I worked for a total of 7 years as a manager and eventually as a buyer in Germany. A very nice and instructive job!

It became even more clear to me what my ultimate dream was: to have my own business; to buy things I personally support; to select a personal collection of beautiful brands and to make a lot of fashion lovers happy!  

First I took time for other important steps in life: getting married, buying a house, having kids (3) and at the same time working part-time in the flower shop. An exceptionally wonderful and happy time that I wouldn't have wanted to miss!


“My dream came true: making many customers happy with my own personally selected collections!„

In 2008 my other dream became reality and I opened my first shop in Weert (NL). A shop with only exquisite brands and the most beautiful women's and men's shoes from Milan, Paris, Antwerp and Amsterdam. In the centre of Weert, this shop attracted a large number of loyal followers of enthusiastic fashion lovers. We moved on to a second branch in the heart of Roermond (NL) in 2009. This growing city full of great plans and developments was the right step to introduce even more people to Marjon Snieders.

“We are one team with the same look, brands and service online and offline!„


In 2011 we decided to expand with an online shop. Meanwhile, my husband Ralph was already working full-time in our company and a webshop seemed the right addition to the 'brick' shops. Running a business means hard work and it also means making choices. And I noticed that I could hardly divide myself between both shops, their own focus groups and collection expectations. The decision to close the shop in Weert meant that I could focus entirely on the shop in Roermond and at the same time expand the concept with women's fashion and accessories. The total package for the fashion-conscious woman!

My ultimate happiness comes from my family, enjoyment of life, the beautiful items in our collections and from happy and content customers. I strongly believe in the unique strength of every woman, we are all special and beautiful in our own way. In our shop, women experience what clothing and the right advice can do for their self-confidence and inner strength. If we have been able to contribute to this personal development and help in the search for your very best wardrobe ( so that you are happy with our beautiful items and wear them with great pleasure), our goal has been achieved. Because of our vision you will find more colour in our collections and besides special high-end items also very nice sustainable basics that you can wear at different occasions.

We now work with 15 great people in our company and the shop and webshop are equally important. We are one team with both online as offline the same look, brands and service.

We hope to welcome you in our 'brick' store or through our webshop and don't hesitate to call us with any questions at all. Our team of the most amazing stylists would love to help and guide you.